About AlloyGators

We are not reinventing the wheel - Just protecting it.


We’ve all done it… that awful feeling when you hear the sound of your expensive rim grating along the curb. No matter how careful a driver you are, there is always that situation when parking that you accidentally get too close to the curb. Well, thanks to Alloygator, now you have that protection!

Designed and manufactured in the UK, it’s a simple idea, but then the best ones usually are. Alloygator fits between your wheel and tire and when the inevitable happens, it takes the impact, not your rims.



Suits 90% of wheel and tire combinations


Tires can be changed with Alloygators in place


Suitable for run-flat tires


Fully tested by MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association)


Protects tire wall from damage


Find a dealer or installation service near you.


Alloygators come in a wide variety of colors to match your car and personality while providing the ultimate in protection for your wheels!

AlloyGator Protection In Action

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